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Video serving your values.


Serving your business

The corporate video aims to present the services and values of your company but not only. Corporate video is also an essential tool to differentiate yourself from your direct competitors ! The know-how and experience of our team of cameramen as well as our exclusive partnership with MEROJE and CO will be a plus for your corporate video.


Communicate around your events

The event is one of the means to attract the public around your brand and also your products... A dynamic video of your event is nowadays essential to communicate effectively and remains very appreciated by your partners and customers.


At the service of athletes

Sport embodies strong human values and from all horizons, it is therefore necessary to know how to handle these codes to use them wisely. Our team of cameramen, in exclusive partnership with MEROJE and CO, has all the tools to make the video of your sporting event or even enhance the image of top athletes. From capturing to broadcasting, The Groupe GLABS guarantees you incomparable video quality.


Highlighting your products

Do you want to highlight a new range of products or the launch of a brand new brand ? We offer you a quality photo shoot in line with the values you wish to convey.

A passion for the image.

An audiovisual production by a professional cameraman is an essential communication tool and offers multiple possibilities in an all-digital era. The Groupe GLABS takes care of the audiovisual production of your media for you (institutional video, advertising film, video capture, 3D creation, etc.). The work of our team of professional cameramen is to provide you with very high quality video capture without losing sight of your objectives. Always at the cutting edge of technology, our team will be able to offer you an original audiovisual production, explosive animations, as well as a video recording in compliance with the rules of the art...

Do you want to make a promotional video ?

A quality video to animate your Social Networks

Video for all your media !

Video specialist.

The Groupe GLABS and MEROJE and CO are specialized in audiovisual production. We are committed to always offering creative and innovative experiences, adapted to new broadcast media such as Web TV or digital communication. We master all of the projects : from simple advice to video creation, from production to audiovisual production, but also broadcasting. We attach great importance to the creativity, reliability, confidentiality and security of your projects. Our team of professional cameramen has the know-how to enhance your products!

Editing and encoding.

A video or an animation, The Groupe GLABS brings you know-how for an essential presence on the web ! We dress your video with texts, illustrations, voice or music according to the style you want. The video editing takes place in the studio of our advertising agency with software such as Adobe Premiere Pro, After Effects, Motion Design and Pro Tools. Your audiovisual production will also be delivered in the required format according to the broadcasting, web or TV methods.