Community manager

Community management

Develop your visibility.

In order to best develop your activity, you must be present on the internet on a daily basis. For this, and in the era of social networks, we offer all our expertise to build together a relevant digital strategy. This extends from the study of your activity to determine its main target until the identification of your needs. A goal will then be determined for the daily animation and moderation of the different social networks : Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, etc. We determine together a publication calendar to carry out your digital communication !

A team to support you.

Feeding an online community is part of a well thought-out digital strategy that creates interactions with users and, thus, wins new contracts. For this, with the Groupe GLABS, you will be surrounded by a team present to support you and help you gain visibility with your target audience. Creative and relevant content, visuals in line with your editorial line or even the setting up of contests are all essential tools for the proper development of your digital communication.

Advertise on your social networks !

Social networks are essential for achieving your goals! For this, it is important to develop your notoriety and your visibility.
Our Community Manager team offers you to carry out your campaigns (Facebook ads, Instagram Ads or Linkedin Ads) in order to propel your brand or product directly to your target audience. Adapted to all types of budget, sponsored publications allow you to have a considerable advantage over your competitors !

Bring your Social Networks to life with Quality media !

Need to increase your visibility ?

Evaluate the fallout.

So that your presence on social networks is as relevant as possible and with the goal of growing your community, we will assess together the benefits and the ROI, that is to say the return on investment. The main objectives of our community manager team being to develop your notoriety, to generate a turnover by seeking new customers, to improve your offer thanks to consumer feedback and returns and, of course, to retain your target. Count on the know-how of our team to develop yourself as best as possible !