Website creation


website creation

website creation

A tailor-made site.

Let's build your image together !

What could be better than a website like you to present your company or illustrate your products ?

Optimized content.

Gain visibility on Google

Save time and positioning in your SEO, opt for optimized quality content !

Suitable for all supports.

A totally responsive site !

Because in 2020 your site must be adapted to all types of media, think Responsive design !

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Creation of a dynamic website.

Creating a website has many advantages. First of all, what could be better than a website to present your company or illustrate your products ? Being a support for your prospects and customers available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, it can have a considerable weight in your turnover. Present your services, your products, your team and above all develop your customer portfolio by installing a contact form. The important thing in the digital age is to be always reachable. Then, the creation of a website allows you to extend your visibility in the world. Be visible ! The higher the view rate, the more customers will trust your company. Indeed, the creation of a website is not only graphic, it also requires good SEO to propel your site to the first page.

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Defining your needs


Drafting of specifications


Proposal of UX and PSD models


Creation of your website


Project delivery

Our experts take care of, creating your dynamic site from A to Z ! Have a professional website on which you will have control, accompanied by experts !

The expertise of the Glabs advertising agency guarantees you quality traffic and qualified visits to your new dynamic site to increase your visibility as soon as possible.

To be sure to propel you to the first page, we suggest you boost your website with SEO and SEM. Gain visibility, Contact us !

The quality of a beautiful professional photo is paramount, that's why our photographers take care of everything to guarantee you a unique result ! Product shooting, lifestyle, advertising ...

Video is a dynamic tool, vector of emotion ! It will be able to transmit your message to your target. With Glabs, you will have the privilege of having 4K video quality.

In an all-connected world, social networks have taken an important place in the world. Connect them with your site: everything must be in perfect symbiosis !

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The advantages of a dynamic site.

The dynamic site is a business open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week ! Easy to use, it allows you to quickly exchange the information necessary for your customers, set up commercial operations or even sponsorship. A website allows you to build customer loyalty and increase its visibility all over the world in order to perform on your strategic business vision and increase your customer base.

Tailor-made features !

A functional website according to your needs ! Our teams use all the new technologies and current functionalities so that it is at the forefront to satisfy your customers. Using interactive forms, online shopping, sponsorship systems, custom product creations via your website, everything is possible! Make an appointment so that we can study your project together !

Sell your products online.

Internet sales are now present in all sectors of activity: catering, ready-to-wear, furniture, etc. Are you also present on this market to face the competition ! You will be able to present your structure but also generate additional turnover via your online store ! Having the possibility of selling your products on your e-commerce website is a source of many advantages, including an increase in the visibility of your products and an increase in your customer portfolio. You may also be able to offer delivery and include the applicable fees depending on the location of the delivery. Full automation of services to facilitate your productivity, make an appointment !