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Photography at the service of your values.



At the service of your business.

The purpose of corporate photography is to convey your values and those of your company, right in the heart of your business or during an intervention. The corporate photo will immerse your client in your activity and allow them to project themselves by your side.


At the heart of your events.

Our advertising agency Glabs responds to the needs of SMEs as well as large companies, but also to event agencies anxious to highlight their different customers and their events through creative and professional photos.


At the service of athletes.

Sports photography carries strong values and sends you a positive message. For internal communication but also for the general public, sports photography is always intense, captivating and striking !


Highlighting your products.

You want to highlight a new range of products or the launch of a brand new brand. We offer you a quality photo shoot in line with the values you wish to convey.

Do you want to shoot a photo ?

Our References.

The virtual tour

With his experience, our professional photographer adapts to all environments. Indoor, outdoor, day, night, ground, aerial view, portrait, landscape, its versatility is admirable! All your requests in terms of image captures are possible. Also, we offer you the realization of virtual tours for real estate or to present your business, virtual tours are very meaningful. Indeed, the photographs taken en masse by our professional photographer are then edited for total fluidity during the virtual visit.

Creator of emotions.

Giving impact to a scene and thus transforming an ordinary place into a graphic work is also an interesting technique. The skills of our professional photographer will be very useful for taking exceptional photographs and thus causing a thrill and astonishment in the person who discovers them. One of the best ways to make an impression. The mastery of photography techniques allows us today to carry out quality reports with confidence and taking into account all your requirements, while giving a vision of the impactful image.

The image to reflect you.

Internationally, the Groupe GLABS makes every effort to meet your communication needs. And in the digital age, Internet users are looking for image quality. Do not hesitate to use quality photographic services to communicate about you, your products or services, because today, the image has taken a considerable place on the web and on the conversion rate. The image reflects the company: the lower the quality of the photo, the less the user will have confidence and the desire to call on your company. On the contrary, the more original and sharp your photographs, the more professional you will appear.