Web design

custom web design

Defining the style of your website.

In order to support you in the best way and improve the user experience, our team produces, alongside you, the specifications which will define all the functionality of your future website. We will study the universe of your brand, your objectives or your issues to build the best possible ergonomics. The tree structure is a key element to guarantee the effectiveness of your website.

Creation of graphic models.

After analyzing your project and your brand, our team offers Wireframes and web-design models that meet all ergonomic rules, according to the different templates of your future website (big screen, tablet, mobile). We will make you various proposals responding to your project. Your validation will trigger the start of the production development of your website !

We offer several custom designs !

Validation of your design.

The validation of the first part of the project is done using Wireframing, taking up the tree structure of your project as well as the ideas that will develop inside them. Then, once this first step has been acquired, our team of Designers works on UX and PSD models incorporating the entire design that will be brought to your site. You can then, from this step, choose what your website will look like at the end of its production. Once validated, the development of your website can begin! Each step is presented to you which allows you to control and control the creation of your website ! The Groupe GLABS ensures your complete satisfaction !